Sex Worker Wellbeing Survey 2023

Today we’re happy to announce the public release of our ‘Sex Worker Wellbeing 2023’ survey, providing an exclusive insight into how sex workers view both their work and life situations in Germany.

The results of the study were first presented at an invite-only meetup of the Erobella sex worker community in Berlin on 3rd March, coinciding with International Sex Workers' Rights Day. At this event several experts from the industry spoke and commented on the results of the study. Anja Mack, who is a sex coach and author, spoke about the important topic of sex life balance within sex work. Nadja Zilken from the sex worker support organisation Hydra e.V. focussed on sexual health in the community and spoke about “PrEP”, a method to avoid infections with STDs.  You can find more details about the event here.  

Over 150 sex workers responded to our survey, making this one of the largest studies of its kind. We’ve included some of the key findings below.



Most sex workers feel that they have good access to legal, health and counselling support.



Most sex workers feel safe around their clients



Risky situations in sex work appear rare, but they do happen.



Only 46% of sex workers interviewed said that it is their primary job



The vast majority of sex workers are satisfied with their current working conditions



Most sex workers are happy with their current income



Most sex workers consider STD checks to be very important, with most having checks at least every 6 months.


Ola Miedzynska, Chief Impact Officer at Erobella, explains the findings and importance of the survey:

Our questionnaire allows us to gain deep insights into the current situation of sex workers in Germany. It is great to see how high the awareness for the subject of health is in the industry and that a majority is satisfied with their working conditions and income. Anyway we have to realise that there are still a few pain points which needs to be improved in the near future, e.g. the subject of social acceptance of sex workers in the society and the issue of digital harassment. This is why we at Erobella will intensively continue our mission to improve the well-being and the working conditions of all sex workers in Germany and beyond.


Are you from the press? For more information about the study, please feel free to reach out to our Head of Press Relations at [email protected].  



Photo credits: Stu Nugent, The After Glow Agency