Erobella - Berlin Sex Worker Meetup

3rd March 2023


To celebrate International Sex Worker Right Day on March 3rd 2023, Erobella hosted a free meet & greet Berlin event and panel session with industry professionals. 

This event was part of the collaboration between Erobella, as a platform to make a positive difference in the lives of sex workers across Germany and partners such Hydra Berlin, to boost the visibility of underexposed sex work communities or taboo/ stigma topics.

Around the world, sex workers face a wide range of human rights abuses, often due to the laws, policies, and practices of the governments tasked with their security. In this meetup we discussed some of the issues facing those working in the industry, and what can be done to improve the working conditions for sex workers across Germany.

We had a great turnout both in-person and online, and would like to thank everyone who attended! We've included some photos from the event below. 



Anja Mack - Coaching mit Herz ,Ayurveda- und Sexualtherapeutin, Coach for Sexual Wellness, Traumata & Mental Health

"Setting up the healthy balance between sex work and private life - what happens when sex work meets sexual therapy"

Anja Mack grew up on her parents' farm, a small village behind Munich in Bavaria, Germany. She experienced her childhood as carefree and light-hearted, and she knew what it meant to be in harmony with nature. Sexuality came hand in hand since she can imagine due to her mother working as a nurse. She developed as a modern goddess in escort services, international empowerment mentor and alchemist, soul whisperer, master of hypnosis, healer, teacher of the female tantric arts, sex, love and relationship coach, and trainer for advanced healing methods and best-selling author. Today she uses all her knowledge as an international sex therapist.


Nadja Zillken - Hydra and freelance speaker on sex worker’s rights and health

"PrEP – What is it and why does it matter for sex workers? // PrEP – Was ist sie und wieso ist sie wichtig für Sexarbeiter*innen?"

Nadja is now part of the board of Hydra, after having worked as a health advisor for sex workers for almost three years. She offers various workshops on topics surrounding sex workers’ rights, health as a holistic concept, and safer sex in sex work contexts.

Hydra e.V. is an association by and for sex workers based in Berlin. Founded in 1980, Hydra e.V. was the first sex worker’s organisation in Germany, following the occupation of the Église Saint-Nizier in Lyon by more than a hundred sex workers on June 2, 1975. By now the association operates a councelling center for sex workers and a café, where sex workers can meet, engage in skill sharing and work in community support with a peer-to-peer approach.


Photo credits: Stu Nugent, The After Glow Agency