Mission Statement

At Erobella, our mission is to champion the welfare, autonomy, and security of sex workers by advocating for their acceptance and de-stigmatisation in society and politics. We are dedicated to democratizing support for sex work in Germany and cultivating a safe, supportive community for individuals in this profession regardless of their sexual orientation or gender.

Since 2022, we have been actively organising meetups and engaging with like-minded partners to enhance our impact.

As a trusted platform, Erobella connects esteemed providers of sexual services, escort companions, and models with genuine clients, always prioritising the authentic interests and needs of sex workers. Together, we are building a future where voices are heard and rights are upheld.


Coercion and exploitation has no place on Erobella


We are committed to self-determined sex work and it is at the core of our values to stand up against all forms of forced, coerced or exploited prostitution. That is why we support organisations and projects that share our vision of improving the working and living conditions of sex workers.

If you are concerned about the individual situation of a sex worker or have the reasonable suspicion of meeting a victim of forced prostitution or human trafficking then you can find more advice here. If you come to the conclusion that you observed a criminal situation, help the victim(s) by reporting the situation to your local police office. More information about forced prostitution and how to identify it can be found here. If you yourself have been affected by any kind of force or violence, you can call the official anonymous multi language hotline of the dedicated ministry on 08000 116116 or via their website www.hilfetelefon.de. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to someone at Erobella then you can reach us on 01522 107 2554 or message us at [email protected].


Organisations we support

  • BESD - Berufsverband erotische und sexuelle Dienstleistungen e.V.
  • BSD - Berufsverband sexuelle Dienstleistungen e.V.


Examples of our work

Data and research:

  • Clarifying the legal restrictions around sex work during the Coronavirus pandemic (see here).
  • Developing and executing a Tinder experiment highlighting stigmatisation towards sex workers (see here).
  • Conducting a nationwide survey to understand how people in Germany feel about sex work (see here).
  • Conducting a survey of sex workers to understand how they view their profession (see here).
  • In collaboration with LustMag, developing a ‘Sex Worker Wellbeing Index’ showing where the best places to be a sex worker are (see here).
  • In collaboration with LustMag, conducting a study into the world’s most sexually liberal cities (see here).

Events and community:

  • Hosting sex worker-only community events (example here).
  • Hosting sex worker-only webinars, covering topics such as STD safety.
  • Conducting and promoting sex worker interviews to increase the public’s understanding of the profession and to help destigmatize the industry (see here)

Online protection:

  • Implementing ‘Report a profile’ functionality across the site.
  • Allowing sex workers to review their clients, and for other sex workers to see these reviews before arranging a meet-up.
  • (Coming soon) - Emergency contact alerts. This new feature will allow for sex workers to send automated alerts to trusted contacts if their appointments overrun by a predetermined amount of time.