Exclusive study: When are British men the horniest?

When are British men the horniest? Early in the morning or late at night? We analysed thousands of data points from the erotic portal Erobella.com and calculated the exact times of day and night when men are most horny. The results might surprise you!

The Results

Thursday 7pm

There is a noticeable spike in both traffic and messages between users on Thursdays, between 19:00 and 20:00. This could indicate that interest in sexual activity increases towards the evening, possibly in anticipation of winding down after a busy day or the upcoming weekend.

Friday 2pm

Our data shows that there is a significant increase in sexual interest on Fridays at 14:00, a time that may seem surprising given that it falls in the middle of the workday for many of us. However, this could very well be due to the anticipation of the weekend ahead after a busy week.

Friday 7pm

Friday evening at 19:00 also shows a significant spike, reinforcing the weekend vibe. This timing suggests that the anticipation of the weekend not only persists but begins to intensify once the working week is done, serving as a prime time for seeking sexual engagement.

Saturday 8pm

Similarly, Saturday at 8:00 p.m. shows a notable increase in sexual interest. This time suggests a resurgence of desire after a day of leisure or rest, possibly fueled by social gatherings or the sense of freedom associated with the weekend.

Sunday 1am

On Sunday at 01:00 o’clock, right in the middle of the relaxed rhythm of the weekend, and quite possibly on the way home from a night out, there is again a significant increase in men’s sexual interest. This suggests that the relaxation and leisure of the weekend increases desire and promotes the wish for intimacy.

The Full Data

It seems that British men really do live for the weekend

Our study highlights a fascinating aspect of British life: a marked increase in sexual interest over the weekend when compared to the beginning of the week. This trend not only highlights the quintessential British anticipation of the weekend, but also suggests a deeper, sociologically rooted behavior.

During the week, the conventional routines of work and responsibilities dominate, leaving less room for leisure and intimate pursuits. But as the weekend approaches, starting on Friday afternoon, there’s a noticeable shift. This transition from work to leisure is marked by an increase in sexual interest that peaks during the weekend, especially on Sunday evening. This pattern suggests that the weekend is not just a break from the weekly grind, but an important time for personal and intimate activities.


Our analysis shows that the specific timing when sexual interest spikes – late evenings and weekend nights – coincides with social outings and gatherings, suggesting that social dynamics and opportunities for encounters play an important role. The social atmosphere of the weekend, characterised by a sense of freedom and relaxation, is likely to foster conditions conducive to intimacy.

In essence, the British penchant for weekend leisure isn’t just about taking a break; it’s about engaging more deeply with life’s pleasures, of which sexual activity is a key component. This behaviour reflects a collective rhythm of life that prioritises personal happiness and connection, especially during the precious hours of the weekend.


In order to find out which days and which times of day that men want sex the most, we analysed the number of clicks and visits to Erobella.com’s UK website. We calculated average values for all full hours and used this as the basis for tracking all deviations.

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